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Bookings & FAQ

Artists book their appointments quarterly. We’ll post a link to the form on our Home Page and share via our social media accounts whenever books are open. The form will be taken down once we’ve received an adequate number of submissions; usually within 72 hours or less.

Artists go through submissions and select clients in 3 month blocks. Due to the volume of submissions each artist receives, we cannot guarantee an appointment for everyone, but we do our best!

Scroll down for frequently asked questions!

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How much do you charge?
 We charge $200/hour and have a 1 hour minimum. We can't give you a specific price for how much your tattoo will cost you, but most of our pieces start at about 2 hours. Kirsten Holliday has a great break down here of how long some of her tattoos took her, it'll give you a good idea of how much to budget.

Do you take walk-ins?
We rarely have time for walk-in appointments. Sometimes we have cancellations though, and when that happens the artists will post on their Instagram (they're all listed below) with a pre-drawn design that they're interested in doing for a same-day appointment.

How do I get an appointment?
Keep an eye on our social media accounts (listed below), our Facebook page, or this website, and when our books are open, we'll post a form you can fill out. When booking any and all appointments, as a shop policy we take a $100 non-refundable deposit.  Due to the volume of submissions we receive, it can sometimes take several rounds before we can get you in, but we do our best to book as many new clients as possible. We only book appointments with new clients through this submission form and we do not have a waitlist.

I submitted an idea with an artist, when will they contact me about my appointment?
Because of the volume of emails and submissions our artists receive, it's only realistic for our shop manager to contact the people we are going to book. When books are filled, we'll make a post on social media and let everyone know that we won't be making any more calls. We're a very busy shop, so sometimes it can take several weeks for us to finish booking everyone.  

Do any of your artists ever travel to other cities?
Maybe! Follow their individual Instagram accounts (listed below) and they'll make sure to post about any travel plans they have coming up. Generally speaking though, we're Portland-based!


But I've submitted several times!
Why haven’t I gotten an appointment yet?

Please keep in mind that we get A LOT of submissions and it's not personal- if you feel like you're getting passed over repeatedly, it's possible that the artist doesn't feel like your project is something they'd be the best artist for, but it's more likely that the call list filled up quickly. 

Can you put me on a wait list?
We do not have a wait list. The only way we book appointments is through the artist's booking forms or snatching up a last-minute "up for grabs" design that is posted on Instagram when there's a cancellation.

Can I pay extra to make sure I get an appointment?
We appreciate that people are excited enough about our work to ever even offer this, but no- definitely not. We book appointments this way because it's fair to our artists and to our clients, and we are not interested in offering special treatment to people who might have a financial advantage over others. 

I live far away or have specific travel plans, how do I book an appointment?
Exactly like our in-town clients! If you submit an idea with an artist and end up on the list of people to book, our shop manager will make sure to book you towards the end of our 3-month window, so that you have more wiggle room for planning. 

I don't do social media, can you email me when books open up?
We do not have an email list. If you don't do any social media, you can check this website for updates about booking.




About Tattooing

Do you do cover ups over older tattoos or scars?
Yes, BUT-whether or not a tattoo or scar can be covered up is 100% dependent on what you want to get covered and what you'd like it to get it covered with. We cannot book an appointment without seeing what we'd be working with. If you want to submit with one of our artists, but you don't know if your request for a cover-up is realistic, please feel free to shoot a photo to our shop manager, Sarah, at wonderlandtattoopdx@gmail.com. She'll be happy to give you some input as to whether or not it can be tattooed over.

Can you refer me to another artist?
Honestly, we all have the same internet- you'll be happy if you do the research and find exactly what it is you're looking for. Searching your city+"tattoo" on Instagram is a great way to find local artists quickly (example: "#pdxtattoo"). Please keep in mind though that a lot of the artists you're going to find will be booked out just as far, if not farther, than we are.


Will you draw something for me to get tattooed at another shop?/Will you tattoo other people's designs?
Our artists only tattoo their own original designs and they don't have time to draw tattoos that aren't in their schedule.

Will you finish, add to, or fix a tattoo started somewhere else?
This is not something our artists have time for in their schedule. 

Where can I see more work?
Check out the links below for all our artists!


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